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    RIM makes you jump through hoops to get their beta software on your BB but I don't see any difference. Seems a little speedier but that's about it. I don't see any added features.
    04-25-10 11:15 PM
  2. denison1g's Avatar
    I'm not using it but may I ask where you got it?

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    04-26-10 12:33 AM
  3. dave3825us's Avatar
    I don't see any added features.
    Did you see the part where Rim asks people running there beta software not to talk about it? I underlined it for you..

    Terms and Conditions that all members of BlackBerry Beta Zone agree to upon joining the site. Specifically,

    "You acknowledge and agree that: (a) the successful market launch of commercial versions of RIM products and/or services requires You to keep all content discussed on or contained in the Site (the "Content") strictly confidential; (b) the premature release of any of the Content would damage RIM's competitive edge and intellectual property rights; (c) the Content shall not be shared with anyone other than other authorized users of the Site; and (d) only Content that has been publicly released by RIM may be discussed or shown to the public."

    I'm not using it but may I ask where you got it?
    Rim has a beta site that is for registered users only that have previously signed up. There is an agreement that you acknowledge and it specifically asks that anything related to beta programs they let you test not be discussed anywhere except on their private forum. Apparently otacon72 did not read this or just does not care. Its sad cause rim will eliminate this beta program and we will be stuck with what ever they offer and it will suck..
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    04-26-10 12:34 AM