1. nyr88's Avatar
    My contact list and conversations are missing. The only thing it is showing is the chat groups I am in. Any help out there?

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    06-16-11 09:01 PM
  2. anon(3733516)'s Avatar
    No problems here. Did you try a battery pull?

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    06-17-11 09:33 AM
  3. pcgizmo#IM's Avatar
    Have lost any contacts, but I'm a tad annoyed with the message delays.
    06-17-11 09:39 AM
  4. jusdis's Avatar
    My contact list disappeared yesterday tOo.
    Options> Restore from backup....
    Fixed it for me.
    06-17-11 11:39 AM
  5. SmakBerry's Avatar
    no issues here, no delay either, been yapping all morning so far
    06-17-11 11:44 AM
  6. Alpha Omega's Avatar
    is there any one having issue sending songs and other flies via BBM. I use to be able to do this on my 9000. any help would be appreciated.
    06-17-11 06:49 PM
  7. Alpha Omega's Avatar
    nevermind i figured it out
    06-18-11 10:40 AM
  8. Rootbrian's Avatar
    Not me. Try a battery pull, close out old convos before doing the battery pull. I never leave one open unless it's constantly used, otherwise, it's a bad habit :P

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    06-19-11 02:58 AM