11-24-14 09:32 AM
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  1. riss89's Avatar
    Yessss! Let me just express how happy and excited it makes me to see I'm not the only one interested in and desiring of a BB OS 7.2! I totally get that RIM's main focus is BB10, and I get that the technological world is currently enthralled with touchscreens, app markets, and the "latest and greatest" technological advancements in terms of what "smartphones" can do. But RIM and BB needs to remember what got them as far as they've made it- the legacy devices and loved OS. I read the open letter to Chen about BB10 updates, and the whole time I'm thinking "hey what about OS 7?". We want an update too! Let our loyalties be acknowledged and appreciated, in what better way than the active continued support for our devices, not just saying they'll continued to be supported but Actually doing so.... with updates! :-D Anywho, I have a 9350 and absolutely LOVE my phone. I don't want to have to give it up. There's nothing sadder than a company abandoning their own products and devices. Let's go Blackberry! Make it happen!
    03-14-14 08:27 PM
  2. tushargkwd's Avatar
    Since I still see that we can get updates for BlackBerry bridge for connecting with the PlayBook... there's hope for an update for the legacy devices...

    Although the speed of development has taken a backseat... but BlackBerry still has plans to support for legacy devices... since they are still really popular in the enterprise segment.

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    03-16-14 02:54 AM
  3. riss89's Avatar
    this is happy news and encouraging to hear i figured the focus on legacy devices would lessen, which i can admit is understandable seeing as there's a lot more that goes into keeping the company afloat. I just really want to see them truly honor their words of "continued support". thanks for this input!

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    03-16-14 07:52 AM
  4. 9700_User's Avatar
    I'm hoping for a new, better, stronger, faster BlackBerry 7 device... Pretty please BlackBerry with sugar on top... Somebody please start a petition...
    03-22-14 08:29 AM
  5. riss89's Avatar
    I'm hoping for a new, better, stronger, faster BlackBerry 7 device... Pretty please BlackBerry with sugar on top... Somebody please start a petition...
    a whole new device running OS7 ? that's beyond the scopes of hoping that i had even taken into consideration i believe they released a new 7 device just last year in 2013. A new device could be nice but it would probably be more beneficial to everyone, both company and customer, to develop OS 7 software that allows the current 7 devices to run better and faster. it's hard to believe the technology and potential to do so isn't already around they just would need to utilize and implement it. It may be more unlikely that they invest in a new 7 device in the midst of still trying to keep BB10 to really spread its wings. A petition for updates to the already existing OS 7 may have a more realistic and promising outcome in regards to BB's/RIM's response.

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    03-22-14 11:30 AM
  6. Reinhart Previano's Avatar
    BB Samoa is running, not 7.2. But it might be Multicast v2 for the os.
    05-06-14 05:40 AM
  7. Jamie Brahm's Avatar
    I'm buying a 9360 in a few weeks. Upgrading to 7.1.

    7.2 - yes please!

    Blackberry 7 has the advantage of _not_ being a touch only OS.

    For me that means, its the ONLY modern device that supports every single smart phone feature one needs, without having a fragile screen and still having hardware keys. I literally _spent weeks_ looking at various devices - the one I found, literally the only device that fit my bill.

    I don't want a phone I have to baby, and I want keys, and I want it small and light - and I love that it can hotspot for my 7 inch tablet. I dont want a big display either, I don't plan on spending too much time looking at any screens under about a 6.5 inch minimum.

    Im sure other phone users may feel the same. It might be all about touch phones now, but as more people buy tablets, it becomes redundant for many users to have a smaller, less powerful device, that does identical things. It brings the focus back to practical utllity (or did for me)

    Don't assume every other consumer out there wants the same thing as you. Especially if they do most of there networking at home, at work, at friends places, and other environments other than walking down the street, sitting at a bus stop etc.

    Although, I am not sure I see anything special about this BB samoa, or see that it has a new 7 os. More cpu though I think. Actually bigger screen too it seems. 2.8 is a good size. Still light in weight. Not bad for a touch screen BB I suppose. Some people will buy it.
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    05-06-14 09:27 AM
  8. riss89's Avatar
    I don't believe the is multicast, i think it's strictly for the 9720. My 9350 is running and it's the most recent version of the os, at least in terms of versions compatible for the 9350 --> http://berryshout.com/?d=94645633552...f9d56ba54889fa . Chen has stated that Blackberry will continue to support BB OS7 for the "foreseeable future" (his exact words), so despite the many naysayers and doubters, I believe there is still reasonable potential for a multicast update to 7.1 for all devices running OS7 or for even a version 7.2
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    05-06-14 10:11 AM
  9. Reinhart Previano's Avatar
    Actually, there is a BB10-like lock screen and multicast is the only people noticed in the 7.2. forums.crackberry.com/blackberry-curve-9220-9320-f267/new-official-os-7-1-0-1098-blackberry-9320-curve-866591/ shows that the multicast is only the thing people noticed, while multicast is not available for BB10.
    11-24-14 09:32 AM
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