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    Dear all crackberry hybrid user,
    Here and now i want to introduce my newest BlackBerry Hybrid OS, this is my first multiple Hybrid Os for 8520 (Gemini), 8900 (Javelin) and 9000 (Bold) packed with standalone installer. This Hybrid Os doesn't need any base Os on your computer coz I packed full installation of Alx, Java modules and Radio file on it, this Hybrid Os also include Portable Application Loader.

    The main purpose of this hybrid is to get stability of battery and memory drain with extra room space of free memory especially for Bold 9000 Device, I'm still trying my best to create a good hybrid.. i know it's beyond perfect, but i hope you all can enjoyed it.


    Platform :
    About : (DM will detect this version)
    Escreen :
    Mix Module : .979 / .1049 / .1067 / .1068 / .1074 / .1077
    Language : English, Arab, Indonesia, Russia (Full write and Read)
    3rd Application : Not Included
    Add-On : Memopad, Task, PasswordKeeper, CJK (Full write and Read), Blackberry Maps

    I shrink all vendor themes, wallpaper, vvm, vad, Tmobile app, games... etc

    HOW TO

    1. Make sure to check and delete vendor.xml
    2. Backup your data and application (for Installing your 3rd application the best way using offline installer or OTA, kinda annoying but recomended)
    3. Download and run install Setup.exe
    4. Password for Installation : 1234567890 -> (silly password indeed... wkwkwk)
    5. Dont change the destination location just klik next
    6. Choose your BlackBerry device
    7. Click finish when done
    8. Once again put the same password on popup command
    9. Application loader will come up, plug your blackberry device...and start installing :d
    10. A.I.O Loader shartcut will on your destop... please use this shortcut whenever you want to install again the os

    Installation Preview


    [Q] : My BBM icon not there, but when i check in Options - Applications - Core is on the list?
    [A] : Make sure you install Blackberry Maps, if not try to install once again with BB Map selected.

    [Q] : My BBM icon not there, but when i check in Options - Applications - Core is on the list and i already install BB Map?
    [A] : Please reinstall your BlackBerry Messenger using OTA or offline Installer.

    [Q] : Before, my BBM icon is there but when I doing battery pull after boot my BBM icon is gone?
    [A] : Please reinstall your BlackBerry Messenger using OTA or offline Installer.

    [Q] : My BBM icon is there but when i try to run it, gives some error report resource is missing?
    [A] : Please reinstall your BlackBerry Messenger using OTA or offline Installer, or u can inject net_rim_qm_peer_resource_en.cod using bbsak or bbmcp or bz smart injector.

    [Q] : Can I shrink the Os again?
    [A] : Yes you can, but it's only recomended for advanced user coz I already shrink it in a global way, different people have different style it's your call to choose.

    [Q] : Which windows version this setup run?
    [A] : This Setup already tested on Windows XP and 7, it should be compatible with all windows x32 or x64 version but let me know if you found any issue about compatibility.

    Download link

    BBM Patch

    Patch for BBM Issue guide:

    1. Download the patch file
    2. Please connect your blackberry device
    3. Execute the patch file, look at the blackberry device it should show u some install activity wait until it finish..usually your blackberry should restarting, if not, please do a battery pull.. after its boot please check your BBM

    Technical Support

    You can PM or contact me below:
    Email : jizzomaru@gmail.com
    YM id : bie.ndha
    PIN : by request


    Thanks to all my family at BBBluezone

    below is my battery log and idle state, capture from meterberry
    tested running on my BlackBerry BOLD 9000 with running Apps
    200+ BBM Contact / 4 Active BBM Groups / YM online / Twitter on / Facebook on
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    installed it on my 8900. so far so good.
    05-11-11 01:04 PM
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    installed it on my 8900. so far so good.
    Thanks u bro .... for using my hybrid
    05-12-11 05:22 AM
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    how can i install italian language in this OS?
    06-20-11 07:52 AM
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    install your base os device, and then shrink the italian language...copy the shrinked cod module into a new directory and then inject it using bbmcp or bbsak into your device... you can use my shrinker tools to get the module...
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    06-28-11 11:45 AM
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    Congrats ВЯő on your release.

    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
    06-28-11 01:03 PM
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    thank for infomation
    09-08-12 02:35 AM