1. ddarvish's Avatar
    how can i add BBM as one of the icons on my main screen or even in the sub menu. the only way i know how to access it is to pretend i am about to compose a new message and pick bbm
    11-21-08 03:28 PM
  2. sunkast's Avatar
    Do you have the BBM icon on your apps home screen? Just highlight it, press menu, and select move. Usually the top row makes up whats on your main home screen.
    11-21-08 03:36 PM
  3. JKaytheISH's Avatar
    move to folder.
    11-21-08 03:37 PM
  4. ddarvish's Avatar
    bbm doesnt show up in my apps folder
    11-21-08 03:37 PM
  5. anon(833154)'s Avatar
    I believe it's in the Instant Messanger folder.
    11-21-08 03:43 PM
  6. ddarvish's Avatar
    thanks.... =)
    11-21-08 03:48 PM
  7. Stuboracket's Avatar
    jkaytheish has it...highlight and choose move to home works perfectly!
    02-28-09 12:36 AM
  8. Brandon Meah's Avatar
    but how would i move my bbm from my messenger to my home screen plz help
    03-08-13 04:40 PM