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    So Basically I got a new Galaxy S2 LTE but i didn't want to part with my BBM and didnt want to cough up 30++/month just for BBM to rogers. Since the service books get deleted after the phone turns off I tried doing it without turning the phone off
    So what i did was:
    (used a bold 9000)( keep in mind i still had BB data on my line)
    1.) put a piece of tape on simcard then put it into the phone and turned it on
    2.) connected to wifi and made sure the logo was white
    3.) turned off Mobile network
    4.) pulled the battery out just a bit that i would be able to pull on that piece of tape (with the sim attached) WITHOUT** turning the phone off
    5.) popped the sim into the droid and made a wifi hotspot and changed the wifi on the blackberry to the droid

    seems to work fine but a couple issues though
    1.) wifi logo turns grey after a bit of no activity BUT if you turn wifi off/on then google something in the browser ill change back to white and download any pending bbms /emails

    so my Question is there anyway to keep the logo white? without having to turn wifi off and googling?
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    02-02-12 06:54 PM
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    I did your method on my 9000 and it works. After a few days, the wifi logo turns grey.
    Google-ing something in the browser doesn't do any good.
    Is there a way so turn the wifi logo white?

    p.s. I didn't turn off the phone.
    04-11-12 03:07 AM