1. geoffsdad's Avatar
    I have run out of ideas and options so I am asking for help. I cannot find anything on the internet so I am hoping somebody can help me out here at Crackberry. I have a Bold 9650 I am trying to stretch out until BB10. It has a corrupt file and is stuck in an endless 3/4 boot cycle. It will Not boot up in safe mode. I need to brick or nuke it to load a fresh OS on it but the PC will not recognize device. I cannot wipe with BBSAK. App loader will not connect at the beginning of the boot cycle, and DM does not connect. Obviously I cannot do a security wipe as the OS won't load and a remote wipe won't work if I cannot connect to the internet. I am wondering if my micro usb is bad. Are there any other options to wipe a device? Any ideas? Thanks
    07-27-12 08:48 PM
  2. Jared DiPane's Avatar
    Have you tried to wipe with JLCdmer?
    07-27-12 08:58 PM
  3. geoffsdad's Avatar
    Kinda embarrassed how I got it to load. I open DM, Apploader, BBSAK and Jlcdmer. When it got close to the spot where the corrupt file was, I furiously hit everything I could, wipe, sync, next apploader. when it got to where it went back to the beginning, the phone locked up and then I got apploader to recognize the PIN. PC said BBSAK had succesfully wiped the device. I was able to delete what I think was the bad app in apploader and the OS loaded. I didn't lose any apps but ALL my profiles crashed. Thanks for trying to help!
    07-27-12 11:26 PM