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    554: 1 File
    586: 1129 Files
    591: 17 Files

    BBHybrids.net Non-VIP Download:
    8900 554/586/591 Hybrid (554 Based)

    MD5: 7641FC33B5117BDDB0A1109E7AA0D5C6


    1. Includes Bluetooth/Camera/Video Recorder from 9630AMEA_v5.0.0.591_P4.2.0.272
    2. Includes BlackBerry Messenger from 9630AMEA_v5.0.0.591_P4.2.0.272
    3. Includes Chinese Traditional & Simplified Characters and Font Support from 9630AMEA_v5.0.0.591_P4.2.0.272
    4. Includes the Java folder from 9700M_PBr5.0.0_rel994_PL5.1.0.146_A5.0.0.586 (except DocsToGo).
    5. BlackBerry.alx modifications limited to theme file naming convention updates and b.cod to 03_b.cod corrections (except ringtones).
    6. Retains net_rim_bb_medialoader_ringtones_89xx.cod from 8900M_v5.0.0.554_P5.2.0.58
    7. As a point of reference, the total shrunken size of my current installation sits at just under 33MB on disk.
    8. Issues likely mirror the complaints echoed in the 9700 .586 threads.


    This relatively conservative build features enlarged Home Screen and Today Layout fonts.
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    how do you install a hybrid?ive never tried.
    03-30-10 03:09 PM
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    its ok worked it out
    03-31-10 02:18 PM