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    I am trying to install BlackBerry messenger on my "new" 7290 but when I try to download it I get a page saying "Error: Invalid manifest or application descriptor." I'm running
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    12-25-09 08:52 AM
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    I just did this today. Install BB Swiss Army Knife 1.7 on your PC.

    Then go to C:Program Files/Common Files/RIM/Shared - and the .377 OS folder

    Scroll down to net_rim_qm_peer, copy this file into a new folder on your desktop. Then also copy the file below it, its also named net_rim_qm_peer_en or something close to that.

    Now that both are copied into a new folder on your desktop (easiest to find). Hook up your BB to the USB port, and open up BB SAK, click on the 2nd tab, and click on the button "install cods" navigate to that new folder, and select both of those cod files you copied in. Click ok, and your device will reboot. You should see the Messenger pop up now on the home screen. Worked on both my 7105 and 7290 I wiped and reloaded a new os to today.
    12-26-09 05:32 AM
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    I'm not seeing the file in the os build...aaaaahhhhhh

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    12-26-09 10:28 AM
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    Sure? I'll post the cod files later today, I'm not on pc right now.

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    12-26-09 09:31 PM
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    Thanks a ton man

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    12-26-09 09:33 PM
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    Here you go, New Folder 2 contains 3 carrier themes that look a bit better than that standard theme that comes with the 7290 on T-Mo.
    12-26-09 10:56 PM
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    Where are the files?.... did you post them?
    You can email me the files if you wish.

    12-27-09 09:14 AM
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    They didn't post I just noticed. I'll email them to you.

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    12-27-09 11:38 AM
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    When are you going to be able to email that to me?
    Hey I'm on the road tomorrow and I won't have access to a computer so the quicker you could get these to me the better

    Thanks again
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    I just sent it, should work now.
    12-27-09 05:15 PM
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    Yup thats the trick its working now.
    Once again thanks a ton.
    12-27-09 08:02 PM
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    No problem! Glad to help; enjoy your 7290 - its a great BB, they don't make them like they used to. Mine still looks like new, and built with quality almost 5 years later. While I had to exchange my 8900 4 x and the 9700 2x.

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    12-28-09 11:14 PM
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    I can't find the folder you're talking about. I don't have .377, but .292. I tried installing .377 but couldn't. I get the exact same message when trying to download... CAN YOU PLEASE HELP!
    12-29-09 10:08 AM
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    Did you delete the vendor.xml file?
    Its located in C:Program Files/ Common Files/ Research in Motion/ App Loader

    Also, the .cod files for the BB Messenger are found within the installed OS on the PC. You have to have the OS (.296 or .377) installed on your PC.

    Then again go to C:Program Files/ Common Files/ Research in Motion/ Shared/ OS folder - named 7290 4.1.296 or 377 depending which you install.

    Then scroll through the Java folder to find the 2 cod files.

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    12-29-09 11:02 AM
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    Thank you very much for your quick reply!

    Alright, I deleted the .xml file.

    Now I'm searching for the .cod files. I found the first one... but I'm not so sure as to which the second on is. I'm posting this screen shot of the files I'm looking at. Thanks again!

    It worked!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You're a genius

    Thank you so much!
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    12-29-09 11:34 AM
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    I see the Blackberry Icon on my Home Screen.
    Thank you very much! You're a genius...

    Now, if I can only get it to work.... How do I start "Pinning"?
    12-29-09 01:11 PM
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    Pin messages work without the blackberry messenger. Just go to the inbox. Click the wheel and compose pin. You need to have your contacts pins for that.

    To get the blackberry messenger (cooler way of pinning). Just see if the app loader shows the blackberry messenger. In case it doesn't copy those two files from that directory I mentioned and use blackberry swiss army knife to load those two cod files to your berry.

    Also feel free to add me to bb messenger if you need help.


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    12-30-09 03:16 AM
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    That really did WORK!!! Thanks!!!!
    08-28-10 03:41 AM
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    Hey do you think that you can e-mail me the files or can you please tell me how to get blackberry messenger on my blackberry 7290, Im not a very gifted person with phones && computers so if you can make it simple please && Thank you.
    07-26-11 07:24 PM
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    I understand 100 % that my device is very old but I like it very much
    I have a Blackberry 7290 brought of ebay for 25 dollar i find is not got bbm on it , so can you please help step by step instructions on how you done it above and what i need please ? that will be really helpful
    05-15-12 04:07 AM
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    Anybody has the COD files for it?
    04-07-13 11:24 AM