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    Hey guys Im running a BB 8320, and am having a bit of a problem. I tried to update to 4.5 direct from T-Mobile and my computer crashed. I now have a 507 error and cannot get it to come out of it.

    I have tried:
    Restarting mY computer

    Following the Nuked Guide from 101 on CB
    Manually Reinstalling 4.2 (T-Mobile)
    Manually Installing 4.5 (T-Mobile
    Manually installing 4.2/4.5 (non-carrier)
    Using BDM to install all of the above
    REmoving battery temporarily and trying all of the above again.
    After all of that I tried wiping it with JL_CMNDER and Doing it all again.

    Where should I go from here?
    Im on Windows 7, going to try windows xp right now



    05-06-13 09:15 AM
  2. jlowry1's Avatar
    fixed by using new comp
    05-06-13 11:17 AM

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