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    Hi all.

    I recently upgraded my 8900 to 5.0 using the Optus release and noticed a few things with "Enter Bedisde mode when charging" feature.

    Can someone please confirm whether any of the below is also happening to them and/or if it was likely to be by intentional design?

    When the option to "enter bedside mode" when charging is selected with a time restriction ("Restrict to Certain hours"), I have noticed the following:
    1. When not in the restricted hours, the screen will stay on, displaying the clock. Only by hitting the back key (right of the track ball) will the clock application disengage and the screen will turn off
    2. When the phone is first locked, then plugged in, the clock and screen will remain on. Even hitting the back key will not disengage this
    3. When the phone is locked and charging (clock displaying as per above 1 and 2), and the actual time changes to the time specified in the "Restrict to certain hours" option, the profile will not switch to the specified bedside mode profile. In fact, Bedside mode does not engage at all. However, if the phone is unplugged and plugged in again, then bedside mode will engage.
    This seems to only be the case when the phone is locked.
    When the phone is unlocked, this does not happen - the phone happily enters into Bedside Mode automatically.

    Is anyone experiencing the same thing? Or is the behaviour of this app by design and I am merely failing to see the underlying reasons?

    Thanks all!

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    Same thing to me! anyone knows how to fix that>?
    01-12-10 10:00 PM
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    Well I don't have a solution, I have an addition. When I plug in my phone, it automatically opens the clock app and bedside mode is turned on. But I've noticed that when I unplug my phone, the phone does not automatically exit the clock app as it used to.

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    01-14-10 09:20 PM