04-09-10 09:10 PM
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  1. gpompeus's Avatar
    This is fantastic!!

    BBM layout is very different, if talking to someone and you get a new message from another contact the first line shows on bottom of conversation window.

    Contacts list in BBM gives status ie.. available, Font is different in BBM too, I may prefer the font from previously as this is slightly harder to read. All contacts show the last line of the conversation in contacts list. I don't have a storm but it looks very much like the storm version of BBM that I have seen from pictures.

    Picture scrolling is awesome, and FAST!!

    Only application that is not working so far is viigo so I guess we have to wait for an update.

    A few new options, Browser options has a 'gears settings' ??

    If you select explore in media there is a podcasts folder.

    Menu's have a drop down box to make changes rather than having to go to menu > change option. Nice

    So far it is running very smooth and fast.

    Applications did not transfer during install, am having to redownload most of them. Had to reinstall BBM, tasks, memo pad and Docs to go. Lost all contents from memo pad and they will not restore from back up. Note, This was after a WIIPE and install.
    I have installed the OS, but how do i restore the backup I did using DM4.6 when I was on .247 its not recognizing my device after the upgrade...

    EDIT: I upgraded to DM 4.7 and now it recognizers my Device...
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    04-10-09 04:39 AM
  2. zkyevolved's Avatar
    Shame. I downloaded and installed it on my PC while reading the posts and by the time I got to this page ( 10 ), I decided not to install xD hahaha. I was soooo pumped, too! Haha. To finally have the nice profile manager that OS 4.7 has and the upgraded the OS in general! I love my bold tho, guys. I mean, 4.6. I haven't had any problems so far I'll wait on the upgrade....
    04-10-09 04:39 AM
  3. moosc's Avatar
    Lucky peeps....there is no love the Storm...

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    04-10-09 04:49 AM
  4. James M's Avatar
    .247 has works flawlessly for me. Plus BB Maps is still working after restoring old service books. I think I'll wait.
    04-10-09 04:59 AM
  5. Ash_786's Avatar
    Obviously its early days, but this doesn't seem to be as bad as some people are freaking out about. BBM enhancements are good (same as storm), as well as custom setting in profiles.

    The only two apps I haven't been able to use is viigo and Googlemaps, but some people claim that googlemaps is working for them (?).

    I have had a issue with the browser freezing now and then when trying to launch bookmarks. Other than that, this OS is fast and I haven't had any reboots and calls are working ok.

    Still early days, but possibly a keeper for me and DEFINITELY not that buggy as some say (sorry b1aze)
    04-10-09 05:12 AM
  6. Hazysky's Avatar
    apps that work :- BBalerts, quicklaunch, opera, bolt, BB smart alamss pro, aerize email alerts, quickpull, sociialscope, worldmate live and snapscreen.

    Not working:- gpsed and viigo. No icon for Facebook.

    Has anyone been able to install the Beejive beta? I get 'not available for the storm!!'

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    04-10-09 05:14 AM
  7. darksroker's Avatar
    Already downgrading... 5.0 is promising but it's definitely an alpha build rather than a beta build. It's very very buggy (waaaay more than all the others leaked beta builds) : apps such as Facebook, WeatherBug, or Viigo don't work, and I can't find a way to make BB Browser work... I didn't have any random reboots or dropped calls, but well, 5.0 only lasted 10 minutes on my BB

    So install it if you are very very very curious (like me ), otherwise, just wait for a more stable 5.0 build.

    By the way, I had no problem for the downgrade : my good old .247 works flawlessly. I uninstalled all stuff related to BB Device Software 5.0, re-installed 4.6. The only little "thing" I had to do was to "force" DM 4.6 to downgrade. It's quite simple :
    - on the home screen, click on Application Loader
    - Click on the "start" button in the "update" section.
    - Click on the "advanced" button
    - Click on next, and it will downgrade (you should see "downgrade" under the column "action).
    I didn't have to wipe my device.
    04-10-09 05:22 AM
  8. Ash_786's Avatar
    04-10-09 05:25 AM
  9. tkien87's Avatar
    Does it still have preload pictures and songs by Copeland?
    The other things seems like doesn't change much.
    Still keeping .247
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    04-10-09 06:01 AM
  10. JasW's Avatar
    No, thanks. I think I see the word "downgrade" too many times in this thread for me. There isn't even a "post your results here" thread in the Beta OS forum yet.
    04-10-09 06:04 AM
  11. Hazysky's Avatar
    Thanks for that link Ash

    For those who are downgrading what is your main reason for doing so? Have you had reebots, dropped calls, what?

    I've been on my BB constantly for the last 6 hours or so downloading apps, surfing, having a good old nosey round and all I have had is one reboot early this morning.

    Perhaps wiping before installing the OS helped? Yes I lost my apps but this may not be the case for everyone. Reinstalling them isn't so bad, its quite fun actually.

    I love viigo but in the meantime I can add rss feeds to the browser while I await an update.

    I really like this OS and if it continues to run as it is I will be keeping it.

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    04-10-09 06:10 AM
  12. cjsph88's Avatar
    I have a few SS for you guys!!
    Whats that weather app on your homepage?
    04-10-09 06:29 AM
  13. Supercoolmax21's Avatar
    so now its just a few days till someone finds 5.0 for the storm right? ha i have to stop kidding myself
    04-10-09 06:30 AM
  14. hcarrega's Avatar
    i will wait
    04-10-09 06:39 AM
  15. bennyph's Avatar
    I figured this method also working to bring back our Bold's Internet Browser, if it doesn't show after the upgrade or endlessly resending service books in "Host Routing Table" doesn't work


    Follow either one of these two methods and there goes the magic. Of course, resend service books for your email is also recommended to ensure everything works properly. Enjoy!
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    04-10-09 06:39 AM
  16. Ash_786's Avatar
    Ok. My browser problems of it freezing have been resolved. Disabled javascript and clear the cache + cookies etc.

    Now, come on viigo !!!!! Sort it out.

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    04-10-09 06:44 AM
  17. jd914's Avatar
    I'm upgrading to 5.0 as I type. I don't care what anyone says, if I don't like it I can always downgrade back to .247
    04-10-09 06:57 AM
  18. blackmannx's Avatar
    Alot of apps will not work with 5.0 until near release as 3rd party developers are just getting copies of the os. I dont have a test Bold (only run cdma devices) but I am sure when closer to WES you will see more 5.0 builds for every device on the current and future lineup.
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    04-10-09 06:58 AM
  19. TLD1's Avatar
    I was all excited about having a new OS build to play with the rest of the day...but I immediately went to these last few pages of the thread...

    And, found that 5.0 needs some "polishing up" before it hits my Bold.

    Glad I didn't waste my time, since .247 has been running fine.
    04-10-09 06:58 AM
  20. JFTeran's Avatar
    U guys are lame.... 5.0 rocks... I could careless about having to update my facebook status every 2 minutes!! No dropped calls, or crazy bugs either.... I think the worst bug I've seen so far is the face that the little alarm clock doesnt show at the home screen and thats it! If people didn't like it and have to revert back well then go ahead... Its still a beta but apparently someone read "OFFICIAL 5.0"... gimme a break...
    04-10-09 07:07 AM
  21. natsfan7's Avatar
    This is fantastic!!

    If you select explore in media there is a podcasts folder.
    Does that mean will be able to get podcasts on our BB? Podcasts are the number one reason I'm still holding on to my Ipod touch, so this feature would be great news; one less thing in my pockets!
    04-10-09 07:13 AM
  22. HiitzDENNIS's Avatar
    I cannot use the web. Does anyone know if I am able to fix that?
    04-10-09 07:25 AM
  23. Ash_786's Avatar
    For anyone like me having problems with googlemaps, then please use the link below :


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    04-10-09 07:25 AM
  24. candela#CB's Avatar
    Thankfully I have a test BOLD I can use here, and stick with my trusty 8900 otherwise for normal use..

    I've had a good look.

    I have posted some pics and thoughts on my website, but sorry I am too new to this forum to post the link.

    trevorlong dot com is the website, or bit dot ly slash FHVia

    Recommend you don't install if you use your BB regularly! - or dont know how to go back.

    But if you want a sneak peak, it's definitely worth a look
    04-10-09 07:28 AM
  25. Ash_786's Avatar
    is this jekyl and hyde time again ???

    I had a couple of issues that have been resolved by quick fixes. Other than that I have NO ISSUES !!!!!!

    Some third party apps have issues. Can't get Viigo or gpsed to work. But come on people, this OS is runing very well for me so far !!!

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    04-10-09 07:33 AM
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