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    So, I've downloaded and installed many OS and hybrids onto my BlackBerries in the past, I've had a Storm 1 and a Curve 8330 that I have both done OS leaked upgrades for (including hybrids as I had stated before)
    But now, I finally decided to take the plunge and upgrade my tour from OS 4.7 to OS WITH irtehun's 9630 Hybrid 50v8.0 ( Based), now first I obviously downloaded .419 (which, after the install, was the only OS on my system at the time) then I ran the hybrid, wiped the phone, and then shrunk the OS. Now, when you download irtehun's hybrid in the install process it asks what 'java verson' you want or something like that, and I had no idea which one to pick because the Tour 9630 wasn't on the list so I chose the option for the Storm 2.
    I loaded the OS on my phone, and so far, not to bad, excellent battery life, great signal, apps work, but I have one HUGE problem, and that's why i'm here
    I highly apologize if this has already been answered because I've been looking around the forums and haven't found this problem yet.
    When I am receiving SMS messages, they are all coming in together (grouped) under only 1 of my contacts name.
    So, for example, I have 3 friends message me, there is bob, megan, and elyse, now all 3 of them send me a SMS message but when I go to the SMS & MMS icon all 3 of there SMS's are grouped into 1 chat either under one of their names or somethings a COMPLETELY different contacts name. Then, I can't respond. If I start typing on the chat that has the 3 SMS's from 3 different people, it will not send the message, period. Then when I try and delete the conversation or clear the chat or anything, nothing. it won't delete.
    Now, somehow last night I believe I had cleared the event log, and then done either a battery pull or a ALT + SHIFT + DEL key and rebooted and it worked but now again this afternoon it's doing the same thing!!
    I have no idea what's wrong or why it's doing this, but if someone could guide me in the right direction of what to do that would be excellent!!

    Thanks so much for all the help CrackBerry Community!!!
    01-09-10 03:18 PM
  2. joepaigejr's Avatar
    I am not sure about your SMS issue, but I would recommend loading the .412 option to see if it there. This OS was my first hybrid install and I did not have an SMS issue.

    (I am now running a .419/411 hybrid. I am on Sprint and so far I like it better than the .419/412 hybrid.)
    01-09-10 03:46 PM
  3. Oddinary's Avatar
    I am currently running the .419/428 version of his hybrid which said it was the 9550 files.
    I'm so confused!
    01-09-10 05:10 PM
  4. joepaigejr's Avatar
    Which things are you confused about?
    01-09-10 06:03 PM
  5. Oddinary's Avatar
    ok so i've got it a little more narrowed down...
    now it seems like SMS is working fine, someone sends me and SMS and it comes in in their name and i can hold multiple SMS conversations and they are all showing in their appropriate 'window' or under the correct contact.
    But then, when I pull the battery and after the phone comes back up I go into the SMS icon, they are all grouped together again.
    I found a slight fix...
    If I go to 'View Folders' and go to SMS Inbox and SMS Outbox and delete each text one by one (because another thing I CAN'T do is scroll to the top date and "delete all prior" it just doesn't work) so if I go into each of those folders and delete each SMS individually, then go into my SMS and MMS icon and delete the grouped together conversation, then it will delete and go back to normal,
    until I pull the battery again.
    What do I do??
    01-09-10 06:10 PM
  6. joepaigejr's Avatar
    Have you been checking the bbhybrids thread about this hybrid (Findings and Fixes)?
    01-09-10 07:01 PM