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    1. So a few people have told me that when they go look at their BBM to send someone a message, it says the I am typing. Even when I'm not. Why is it that 2 people already have asked me why their phone says that I'm typing? Even when my phone is sitting on my desk???

    2. I put my phone on vibrate, and it rang when one of my contacts called me. I put a different ringtone under his entry, but the phone was still on vibrate?

    3. When the phone is on ring (loud, medium or whatever), why doesnt it make noise all the time when i get a text message? It'll beep for the first or second message, but after that, nothing. I have to see the red light out of the corner of my eye.....

    01-08-09 10:06 AM
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    01-09-09 09:09 AM
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    1. This is a common bug in bbm. If they close their conversation with you they shouldn't see that.
    2. Under your profiles it should show you exceptions. There you can customize to not allow the exception during certain profiles.
    3. Not sure could be just a storm thing.

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    01-09-09 09:13 AM
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    Thanks....but I don't see anything for exceptions in profiles....
    01-09-09 09:19 AM