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    -Windows (XP, Vista, 7 32/64bit) PC
    -Registration at zomf.it - Networking Your Life (for this reason, we recommend you to download the app from our website)

    Are you tired of synchronising music with a USB cable? Ever wondered how you can synchronise automatically and WIRELESSLY? ZOMF is your answer.

    ZOMF fetches music from your computer and also backs up your pictures and videos to your Windows PC wirelessly. It's so seamless you won't even notice.

    ZOMF.it today and enjoy a truly wireless synchronisation experience.

    Please register at zomf.it to get a 100% FREE account. This is required for ZOMF to authenticate you and ensure seamless wireless connections between your devices.

    * (PC client) Fetches music from iTunes and Windows Media Player
    * Music stored on your phone at original quality - no downsampling
    * High speed transfer within home Wi-Fi network
    * Transfer resume technology
    * Selects best connection (WiFi, GPRS/3G/BIS/BES) automatically
    * Low power consumption
    * Automatically detects new pictures and videos and backs up to PC
    * Customisable to suit your needs
    * Monitor files and progress on PC client

    Also supports Android, Symbian and Windows Mobile devices.

    Website: zomf.it
    App World: appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/content/12984
    08-23-10 01:09 PM