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    Zapp is a customizable clock app for blackberry with a customizable background.

    Also, you can choose a background for specific time like night.

    it will provide you time as well as weather information with nice icons.

    It will be launched automatically when your bb is charged.

    check this out at ...

    ildoo.net ZappClock for Blackberry (English)

    This beautiful desk-clock app can be downloaded at appworld.

    Buy me a coffee and get it now!

    Buy ZappClock - Download ZappClock - Buy Apps from BlackBerry App World (US $2.99)

    Feedback : bbapps@ildoo.net
    03-18-12 09:02 AM
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    ildoo.net ZappClock 1.3.2 has lock screen and snooze feature


    ZappClock is now updated to

    of course, it suppport english

    Thanks for your support !!
    04-20-12 05:49 AM