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    So I've been dead set on getting the tour up until I realized Verizon/RIM STILL have that 160 character sms cap on their phones. I know of the Beyond160 app, but I was hoping the OS could handle Enhanced Messaging Service right out of the box like most other Verizon phones can. I hate downgrading, and frankly, losing a feature that I had 3 years ago is downgrading in my eyes.

    Alright so back on track . I was sitting in traffic yesterday and noticed that there was a Verizon store on my right a few feet ahead. I said "what the heck" and pulled in. I figured maybe the Tour could win me over with its other aspects.

    The first thing I did to the display model was press Alt+Shift+Del to reboot the device. I wanted my first impression to be fresh and clean. Roughly three minutes later the phone was ready to go .

    The first thing I wanted to do was watch a video on YouTube. I opened up the BB browser, and I must say, this phone is snappy! So I type in "www.youtube.com," search for a video, then click watch. The phone opens the media player and says "loading..." in the top right corner for a few seconds. Then an error pops up.

    I tried playing a different video but with no luck. I also cleared out the cache, cookies, history, etc from the browser. Lastly I went to google and searched for "YouTube Mobile."

    I did a quick search and found that others were having similar problems on other BBs, but none with solutions. So sadly, the Tour is 0 of 2 .

    Any idea on how to fix the YouTube problem? Is there a BB YouTube app?
    07-18-09 12:27 PM
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    No one else is having issues with YouTube on the Tour? I see that my thread was moved out of the Tour section. However this was a Tour based issue and not a YouTube issue in general. Videos played fine on the Storm.

    I guess if I don't see any suggestions I can try Vision.
    Home - Vision for YouTube - Metova, Inc.

    Bla1ze did a blog on a cool BB youtube app called Vision about a month ago, that works pretty damn good. It have the ability (sometimes) to let you access the hiRes vids...

    Vision – A Nice Looking YouTube App! | CrackBerry.com
    07-18-09 05:26 PM