1. Lola1110's Avatar
    Hi - I downloaded the Yahoo Messenger app this morning, went in to use it and it only shows that I have two contacts, two people that I added four years ago when I opened my Yahoo account. If I log in to Yahoo on my laptop I can see all my facebook contacts, etc. Any idea why they are not translating to the Yahoo Messenger app? Thanks for any help. I have a Curve 8330.
    04-21-10 01:24 PM
  2. SJRod55's Avatar
    My Windows Live Messenger did the same starting 2 weeks ago then stopped working altogether. When I put the curser over it on my BB 9000 is says "Windows Live Messenger (X)" Note the 'X' - that was not there before. Now it will not open or anything. I have deleted, reloaded etc etc and still no luck. IM+ on the otherhands works perfectly with my WLM and Yahoo Messenger contacts.
    04-21-10 02:45 PM