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    Yahoo for Blackberry has to be the crappiest app ever! I've been through numerous Os versions and two different phones now and all have had the same problem. It just occasionally stops recieving messages until I log off and back on. And if I turn my phone on and open the app and see a message like "can not contact server" I can be assured that will NOT work until I restart the phone again and hope that the message isn't there again.
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    11-08-11 01:57 PM
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    Has anyone else had this problem? Maybe someone has a solution or a better version of the app than the one in AppWorld? Is there an OTA version somewhere maybe that might work better?
    11-09-11 11:42 AM
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    Ok, quick update on my Yahoo app woes.

    I killed the App World version of this app and installed teh one I found in this post - http://forums.crackberry.com/general...d-links-21096/

    So far it seems to be working better. I have not had any error messages on opening the app. I also haven't had the chance to use it very long either, so the verdict is still out on if and when it just stops recieving messages.

    Maybe this might help someone else.
    11-10-11 10:28 AM
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    New update!

    Ok, after 1 day of use, I'm back to the same problem with this app. For some reason it just sort of times out or something. After a few hours it just stops recieving messages. I have no idea when it stops either. I can log off and back on and then I'm good for a couple more hours.

    Is there no one out there that has an answer for this issue?
    11-11-11 11:48 AM
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    I've been getting the same behaviour. Very annoying indeed.
    02-20-12 07:20 PM
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    I use Yahoo messenger frequently and never have this issue. Could it be a carrier problem?
    02-24-12 09:58 PM