1. jes0212's Avatar
    I have been trying to update my yahoo messenger for a few days now off blackberry app world. Once my download is complete it goes to install then the hour glass just goes for at least 10 minutes so i get frustrated and pull my battery. Is anyone else having this issue or am I the unlucky one? I am running on OS Thanks.
    01-01-10 08:49 PM
  2. dave3825us's Avatar
    A while ago there was an update/upgrade for yahoo in my appworld or application center and I had the same issue. I got tired of the hassle and plugged my phone into the apploader and removed yahoo completely and the phone restarted. I then went here on my phone and re downloaded the full version

    in your phones browser, go to http://www.blackberry.com/YahooDownload
    01-01-10 09:33 PM
  3. jes0212's Avatar
    Ok thanks. I am gonna do it now.

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    01-01-10 10:38 PM
  4. jlb21's Avatar
    I just DL'ed from the VZW App center on my Tour. Works like a charm. I noticed that it is the English only file that way at ~ 800k, whereas the full DL from Appworld seems like over 2mb.
    03-09-10 03:53 PM