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  1. davidboydca's Avatar
    Really nice! Why does a 3rd party app scroll better than the native apps to the storm?
    The low-level support for handling the flick gesture is certainly there. I'm not sure why RIM decided against implementing it.

    Perhaps time was running out for the release and it didn't work as well as they had hoped?

    I certainly agree that it makes the user experience so much better to have it.

    Another thing I implemented is progressively faster scrolling. Let's say you've flicked to scroll down. If you flick again while it's still scrolling, the scrolling will speed up. Do it again and it goes even faster, etc.
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    12-08-08 02:21 PM
  2. jh4for5's Avatar
    Still no update. I got a message syaing they were creating an incident for me but nothing since then. I'll keep you posted...
    12-08-08 02:27 PM
  3. davidboydca's Avatar
    If you have problems with OTA install, try doing a sync install.

    You can download the files from here:

    (don't have enough points to post full url)
    12-08-08 02:29 PM
  4. jay26th's Avatar
    This app is excellent! Very clean UI.
    12-08-08 02:31 PM
  5. troutseth's Avatar
    I am in heaven . . love this app.
    12-08-08 02:42 PM
  6. hitman50cal's Avatar
    AWESOME APP its hard
    For a news junkie to get a proper fix. Its been said but the page flicking is

    Thanx for the link!

    Posted from my CrackBerry at
    12-08-08 02:48 PM
  7. chrisb3's Avatar
    Here's the proper link for the DM installer files:

    And all the props for this great app needs to go to davidboydca. I'm just one of his WSJ/FR guinea pigs.
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    12-08-08 02:50 PM
  8. SirCrackAlot's Avatar
    Here's the proper link for the DM installer files:

    And all the props for this great app needs to go to davidboydca. I'm just one of his WSJ/FR guinea pigs.
    THANKS for the help!
    12-08-08 05:25 PM
  9. spartan905's Avatar
    More people would probably download it if you told us what kind of app it was.
    Really? You don't know what the Wall Street Journal is?
    12-08-08 05:50 PM
  10. esm1778's Avatar
    Hopefully they come out with an option in the settings to allow us to scroll like this, it really is nice!
    12-08-08 06:54 PM
  11. davidboydca's Avatar
    It does run in the background. It updates stocks every 10 minutes and the rest of the news every 40 minutes.

    The news update time can be adjusted via "Settings -> Download -> Time in minutes between automatic update"

    Or, you can have the application exit completely by turning off "Settings -> Display -> Close sends application to background".

    this is the best app that I have seen.


    Does this app run all the time in the background? Is it going to eat up my battery?
    12-08-08 07:48 PM
  12. albertroach's Avatar
    so i installed the application.. closed it.. now it doesnt show up in my applications folder? where in the world is it?
    12-08-08 08:54 PM
  13. armedtank's Avatar
    This is a great application, very nicely done. This proves to me that RIM could have implemented flick scroll if they chose to do so. 3rd party apps are going to rock on the storm!
    12-08-08 09:10 PM
  14. albertroach's Avatar
    is this showing up in your applications folder after the install?
    12-08-08 10:00 PM
  15. eth555's Avatar
    Check your Downloads folder
    12-08-08 10:07 PM
  16. albertroach's Avatar
    ah found it, is there anyway to move that to the desktop?
    12-08-08 10:13 PM
  17. eth555's Avatar
    ah found it, is there anyway to move that to the desktop?
    Highlight > Click BB Key > Move to Folder > Home
    12-08-08 10:18 PM
  18. stanfna#AC's Avatar
    this app rocks! thanks!
    12-08-08 10:42 PM
  19. IMAStormchaser's Avatar
    VERY cool. THanks!
    12-08-08 10:46 PM
  20. bigdog44's Avatar
    Really like the app but can't get the keyboard off the screen. Anyone else having this prob?
    12-08-08 11:11 PM
  21. Dem1K's Avatar
    this app is! !!! Thanks man!
    12-08-08 11:17 PM
  22. michal64's Avatar
    cool app, it will also let you subscribe to your own rss feeds,
    12-08-08 11:25 PM
  23. vdiesel's Avatar
    How's this compare to The Street app? Which is better?
    12-09-08 12:31 AM
  24. bighatnocatl's Avatar
    I had the problem with the keyboard remaining on the screen and after going back and reinstalling, I realized I entered the wrong link. I entered wsj in the link instead of wsju.

    What a difference a letter makes!

    Sorry no link since I'm a new poster.

    12-09-08 02:33 PM
  25. GTI4ever's Avatar
    Excellent app, many thanks!

    How did you get the app to switch between portrait and landscape so much faster than the standard Storm apps? Also, love the scrolling. RIM would do well to take a look at this one.

    Oh yeah, and the content is sweet too.
    12-09-08 03:15 PM
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