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    Dear members and visitors,

    I have written a tutorial showing step by step how to write code in Mobile Processing and how to install the resulting drawing app named "myArtwork" in Blackberry with touchscreen such as Blackberrry Bold 9900. Processing is a language that is used to program popular Arduino microcontrollers.

    myArtwork app has the look and feel of a professional Blackberry app. I have shown how to add sharing in Social Networks.

    If you like to start programming for Blackberry smartphones Mobile Processing can be a nice starting point. If you are too lazy to write code or don't know how to write code, or it is too much complicated or trouble to write code, I have a link in my tutorial to download the jad file that allows installation of the app (you need to have your Blackberry phone connected to the Internet).

    I love my Blackberry Bold 9900 phone, and will not substitute it for any other smartphone, despite all the hype around iPhone and others. I hate bullying tactics of Apple and the impunity of their behaviour. They have replaced Microsoft lately in most hated technology company. Legislators and consumers were fast to attack Microsoft, but are unconfortably quite about Apple. I wish RIM will survive its financial woes, and will continue to deliver good quality smartphones such as those I have got used to. My previous Blackberry phone was Bold 9700 and actual one Bold 9900.

    So here is the link for the tutorial in my blog:

    Write a Drawing App “myArtwork” for Blackberry with Social Network Sharing Capability | RedAcacia

    There is no intention to draw traffic to my blog. I share knowledge in my blo without any other hidden intentions.

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    Here is a typical drawing made in myArtwork app: and sharing to BBM contact

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