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    I have DocsToGo premium (1.005) loaded on my Curve. SheetToGo and SlideshowToGo work just fine. Every time I try to open or create a file in WordToGo, I get the following error messages:

    The application WordToGo has attempted to open a connection to a location inside the firewall and outside the firewall which is not allowed by your IT policy.

    Permission to your files was denied. Please configure your application permissions appropriately.

    I don't have an IT policy on my handheld (running BIS only). DataViz is no help, as they tell me to contact RIM. I've checked all kinds of BB forums but have yet to find an answer to this particular problem. Can someone please help? Thanks.
    01-05-09 10:31 AM
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    Tyr going to:

    Options > Security Options > Application Permissions > Documents To Go > Menu Key > Edt Permissions > Set Connections, Interactions, and User Data to Allow > Menu Key > Save

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    01-05-09 06:03 PM
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    If everything is set to allow in the above steps, highlight the Word To Go module > Menu Key > Edit Permissons and set to allow, or choose Reset Firewall Prompts.

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    01-05-09 06:07 PM
  4. InjunJim's Avatar
    Sweet!!! Resetting the firewall prompts did the trick. Thanks!!!!!

    This has been driving me absolutely CRAZY ever since I finally got the software to properly install. I knew it wasn't the IT policy because this handheld has never been on a BES. Thanks again!!
    01-07-09 07:41 AM