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    Dear all

    WordRival is a scrabble-like game similar to Words with Friends. WordRival is now available on most mobile phones, tablets and even on your PC. So now you can play against your other friends right from your mobile!

    Please visit Aztux Ltd - BlackBerry applications for more information, or just type this into your phone/PC's web browser:

    Get WordRival

    We've currently got a 33% discount offer on WordRival.

    We would appreciate anyone who sends us details of bugs or suggestions for new features.

    Best wishes
    10-29-10 06:20 AM
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    Looks fun will give it a try.thanx
    10-29-10 07:11 AM
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    My thoughts from the other thread:

    I'm continuing to test the battery issue - it seems a reboot after install may have fixed it but I'll let you know.

    I understand that WWF is developed for one single OS/device and that makes it easier - especially since you have to develop for non touchscreen BlackBerry's as well - it's unfortunate that the version for the Torch/Storm has to be hindered by the need to make it work for non touchscreens but unless you decide to make a version just for touchscreens, that's life I guess!

    There are still plenty of game play issues that could be addressed:

    1) Since you intend for bonuses to be used multiple times, which is fine, there's got to be a way to show a used square that has a bonus. Once someone uses the bonus, unless you remember where it is, it's sort of a surprise when you get the bonus points from it, as you can not see it.

    2) The inability to zoom in and out...I know that's probably for non touchscreen devices...but it's pretty annoying to not be able to see the whole board. Also when I choose a letter I want to place on the board, it often brings me to a weird spot where I have to move around before even being able to place it where I want.

    3) Not having a little text box that tells you who went last, what they spelled and how many points they got makes it difficult to keep track of the game. I'd even suggest being able to go to a page that shows text like that for the entire game. Also maybe a calculator that shows how many points you'd get if you submit what you have placed on the board.

    4) It would be easy to add the score of the game to the main menu where you see all your open games and whose turn it is.

    5) Is there some way to make it so I can just click on a piece that I've already placed on the board and return it individually so I don't have to undo the entire move to fix a little error?

    6) Lastly - with notifications - is there any way to customize it? The single vibrate doesn't do it for me. Perhaps build it in to the profiles options so I can set my own sound/vibrate/LED for it? Perhaps even intercept the emails and display a notification icon instead? I think that would be a big and welcome change.

    Thanks again! If I can get the battery issues solved I will be purchasing the app today.
    Also, does WordRival use push notifications to get game move updates or does it poll the server?

    10-29-10 08:31 AM