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    I've bought the BB8320curve from my local telecom operator, the problem is, in our country internet access is controled and then, RIM vpn is limited to only pushing mails and BB IM, nothing else.
    So the operator made a workaround and pushes an OTA to BB phones to change the ServiceBook of the BB browser to use GPRS/EDGE connection.
    Now i want to use my usual communication/social apps, such as Facebook, Msn and Google talk, i got the chance to get Msn working out of the box (using GPRS/EDGE), but no way to get Facebook and Google talk.
    In ServiceBook, i got:
    • Google Talk Download [BrowserConfig]
    • Facebook [CICAL]
    • ICQ - BBIM [BBIM]
    • AIM - BBIM [BBIM]

    I got nothing for MSN livemessenger in the ServiceBook ...
    Anyway to get these working over GPRS/EDGE only ?
    06-28-09 08:44 PM
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    06-29-09 04:26 PM
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    anyone for help ?
    06-30-09 07:15 AM
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    07-02-09 11:28 AM
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    My guess is..........and i could be very wrong is you could load the service books manually. Look is the How to get an unlocked 9530 working on ATT thread in the Storm forums
    07-02-09 11:33 AM