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    So this morning I see the notification for upgrades of yahoo messenger and live messenger. I upgrade tha yahoo and reboot only to find yahoo messenger is gone from my tour. Not a big deal I thought. It may come back with next reboot. So I proceed to upgrade live messenger (yeah, you can call me 'that' now).

    Anyhoo, on reboot I see this white screen with a circle and a box inside circle and a slash across it. It says 'Reload softwares 552' underneath it.

    The DM won't even 'see' the tour now. Batt pull brings it back to this screen.

    I cannot take it in store till evening. Is there anything I can do to fix this?
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    10-23-09 11:11 AM
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    Try and go to this page rimgeeks.com and download this programme BBSAK I had same problem but this programme lets you return to factory setting and more i just let it load operating system on blackberry and got rid of what was causing it not to work
    12-31-09 11:18 AM
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    Leave BlackBerry at Reload 552 Screen
    Open Desktop Manager
    Plug BlackBerry into PC (even tho says PIN: None)
    Click Applications
    Find WLM&Yahoo and uncheck it (to remove)
    Click Next to Finish process
    Let your BlackBerry boot back up

    i've had 2 Reload Software 552 Errors this week. If you can use DM to remove the app, you won't need to reload your OS and you won't lose any data.

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    12-31-09 11:39 AM
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    You can first try an used bbsak to remove wlm and yahoo from your device, if that doesn't work, wipe and reload...
    12-31-09 12:07 PM