1. mkdll's Avatar
    I have a problem using Windows Live Messenger native app to sign into my @hotmail account, everytime I try it says the password or email are wrong, which is not, I have checked to death and they're correct. I also have a Curve 8520 and the same @hotmail account signs fine on it.

    I tried to sign in with another @hotmail account on the 9900 and it signs fine, I wonder if the Windows Messenger doesn't let me sign on my account because my password has dots on it. (the other email in wich I checked as no dots in password)

    Anybody could help?
    03-25-12 02:16 PM
  2. linuxbbm's Avatar
    Well strange, I would suggest to change your password for a while to something easy as 123456 and see if that logs you in?
    I myself am having issues logging (Gmail's ID over MSN) cause i verified it but yeah only works for hotmail so fine even tho it has an option that says to change the domain to "others" which never worked for me.
    03-25-12 10:04 PM
  3. mkdll's Avatar
    I tried changing my password to something without dots and it logs in fine.

    I'm now sure that the problem is because I have dots in my password, could anyone try to put dots in a password and see if it signs in? to know if it's something wrong on my 9900 or some bug with the MSN Messenger native app.
    03-26-12 10:52 PM