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    I think the title says it all,

    There is no real VoIP solution for a BB. All that is available is the equivalent of a calling card.. you make a cellular call to a local server that has cheap rates...

    Am I alone in viewing these current apps as pointless..?..

    After all, I can get international for 5c/min on cellular, and free from the home and, in the UK, on a prepaid sim i can get >USA for 4c/min..or free from a house... I do not need VoIP so much here, as when travelling internationally.

    When will a real VoIP solution, that eliminates the cellular call be around?.. Why are BB's targeted while a laptop running skype does not need a dial-up modem (the equivalent analogy)?

    sigh, rant over...

    back to work..lol
    07-06-09 02:42 PM