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    Greetings. I'm just fresh in this website and this is my first post. Though I did a quick search regarding what I'm about to ask, I didnot find any post so Here it is :

    I've installed Wikitude onto my Blackberry Bold 9780 and am on a BIS plan with Etisalat UAE. The problem I'm facing is I I cannot create any Places because Wikitude cannot connect to Facebook where I am to enter my Facebook log in details. It just gives a white screen with " CONNECTING TO FACEBOOK" and a Bubble status meter running. The ONLY time it works is when I'm connected through WIFI. So my question is could Etisalat be blocking this, though it doesn't make sense as everything else works here in UAE.

    I've re-installed the app as well but the problem persists. I've searched online but have not found a solution. Can anyone advise what could be the problem ?
    03-13-12 06:33 AM