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    Access, view, and e-mail files located in your office from your BlackBerry!

    PocketVPN is a remote file access suite for the BlackBerry Wireless Handheld. Stop e-mailing yourself files and leave
    them in the office where they belong. With PocketVPN you can directly access your important network resources
    using an intuitive 'Windows'-like interface that has been designed especially for the BlackBerry.

    Try now! Download a free trial at www.WICKSoft.com

    For end users
    View PDF, Word, Excel, images, and much more in seconds. Attach files located back in the office to e-mail messages
    and stop making duplicates.

    Collaborate with coworkers and deliver up-to-date information to clients and other prospects without ever having to
    set foot in the office. Stay connected 24/7 and always be prepared. No matter where you go, the entire office is at
    your finger tips.

    For administrators
    Powerful bulk user and resource administration tools provide end users with a secure yet easily manageable remote
    access solution. Securely deploy and configure access for hundreds of users in just minutes with dynamic
    role management facilities.

    PocketVPN honours existing network security policies and offers multiple additional levels of access control. Active
    Directory integration and dynamic resource templates allow you to mirror existing resource infrastructure to your
    mobile users but with added security and unparalled control.

    Cost effective
    Our low-bandwidth protocol requires less data than conventional file viewing technologies, and leaving files out of the
    inbox means less data transferred. Improve ROI on existing infrastructure. Intuitive user interface means no learning
    curve. Ultra-thin client works on almost any BlackBerry Wireless Handheld. Save time and improve effectiveness.

    System requirements
    PocketVPN Server (only one required per organization) requires Windows 2003.
    PocketVPN client will run on any color blackberry.

    Find out more
    For more information please visit us online at WICKSoft
    or contact our sales team at sales@wicksoft.com

    View the PocketVPN product FAQ at www.wicksoft.com/faq.htm
    04-02-07 04:53 PM
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    This sounds like a great program.
    04-02-07 05:45 PM
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    ...where have you been all my life?
    04-02-07 07:14 PM