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05-02-09 01:54 AM
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  1. JReek's Avatar
    I'm staying with 141 for now. No QL is not a deal breaker - I will compensate with other apps for now - vlingo and short cut me touch. Oh ok - most people are using BETAS!!!
    05-01-09 10:07 PM
  2. ryshhh's Avatar
    Couldn't stand it. So I just downgraded last night.

    Hope the next OS will be compatible with QL. Its one of my most used apps!
    05-02-09 12:41 AM
  3. littlegreenmen's Avatar
    ok good news, i deleted the java folder from my .141 install and replaced it with lyricidals .141/50 hybrid. back in business. QL works and i said in another thread that it seems to have fixed a pesky microsd issue i was having. to give everyone an idea what i did to fix it here goes:

    installed .141 OS.
    deleted vendor file.
    deleted java folder in c/programfiles/common files/research in motion/shared/loader files/.141.
    downloaded and installed lyricidals hybrid http://www.theiexplorers.com/bb/ in above folder.
    did a wipe to phone with jl cmdr(optional but i like it )
    did normal procedure for OS install on phone using APPLOADER.
    did two batt pulls after install and BOOM im good to go.
    worked for me ,hope it helps someone else out.
    05-02-09 01:42 AM
  4. 654321ROD's Avatar
    according to cheetah this happens in v2 as well. It's an issue with .141 and he has no intentions on looking into it.

    been trying to figure out what files to replace. Lyricidal and I came up with the fix you've been seeing on the forum. However it has a low success rate. Other attempts try to try to use files form 132 to correct this have fail to this point.
    Hybrid and sorts out all the nonsense. An absolute pleasure. Thanks to Lyricidal for the java files.

    Correct Nikkisoft, Quicklaunch is not going to modify the software to suit a bug in 141. The hybrid does sort it out!
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    05-02-09 01:54 AM
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