1. shinbone's Avatar
    I have a bunch of 3rd party apps like most everyone . . . I usually find out if an update is available for an app by looking on this forum (like today when "madbradnyc" posted an available update for google maps). If I didn't look here (crackberry 3rd party apps forum), who knows when I would've found out about the update.

    Here's my question: Why can't apps show available updates upon opening the app itself? For example, "My Verizon" app was recently updated. I found out that an update was available when I opened up the app and got an on-screen message that an "update was available" and gave me an option to "update now". Pretty convenient and seems easy enough right??

    Wondering why most other 3rd party apps don't do this?
    06-02-10 02:10 PM
  2. Prospekt#IM's Avatar
    That would make too much sense and be too convenient lol

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    06-02-10 02:39 PM
  3. MADBRADNYC's Avatar
    I wish all BB aps did this as well. There are some that do it like TetherBerry, SocialScope (when they give it out), and BBFileScout. There are others that they at least provide a manual option to check for updates, such as Bellshare products, and UberTwitter (even though UT also provides auto-update alerts). I just wish they all did it automatically.

    Maybe laziness, or heavy server needs? Who knows? But I hope all developers start to do this in the near future.

    EDIT: Add Back up to SD card & Restore from SD card as well!!!!!
    06-02-10 02:55 PM