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    I've got my Blackberry hooked up to my Windows 7 PC via a USB cable.

    I can see the phone's memory card in Windows Explorer fine, so it is connected.

    I go to this URL (has to be in Internet Explorer apparently because of ActiveX controls it uses):

    Well, apparently I can't posts links on this forum till I have 10 posts, only 7 now - it's just a page on Blackberry's web site you go to download the app

    I follow the little wizard prompts, at one point it does say "Connected", which I guess means the ActiveX control successfully connected to my Blackberry.

    Then, I hit "Next" and get a page that says, "Unsupported Device" and "Sorry, your device does not meet the system requirements that are needed to support BlackBerry Podcast.". Now, I thought this Blackberry Podcasts thing supported all Blackberry devices? I know I saw that somewhere on Blackberry's web site.

    I have a Blackberry 8220 running I do not have a data plan, I bought the thing off Ebay and unlocked it to use on AT&T. is that why I'm getting the unsupported device error?
    10-04-10 08:42 AM