1. rocklover25's Avatar
    Where can i find and download Go SMS Pro for my blackberry torch 9850? Iv seen others talking about using it on their blackberry's however i cannot find it anywhere! Someone please help! if you know of something that is better and free (can have different backgrounds for different contacts and things of the nautre) please let me know! Iv tried several sms viewers like cute sms but after so many text messages (like 20) i would have to delete the messages because my phone would go super slow!
    11-20-12 02:26 PM
  2. xSt0rmTroop3Rx's Avatar
    I've actually never heard of doing this. maybe you could port it over. I am interested now though so if you find out, please let me know. and if you dont, crunchSMS is a nice alternative too...
    rocklover25 likes this.
    11-20-12 03:12 PM

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