1. lulla01's Avatar
    I know people are probably going to give me smart alec answers to this but, where are all the apps? There are 5000 apps and literally 4980 of them are utter and complete jokes. Essentials like Ebay and Tetris don't even work. The 9930 is a great phone and i love it but i still feel like i can't rid myself of my iPhone just yet. So i guess ill keep carrying two phones for now.
    08-18-11 01:37 AM
  2. o4liberty's Avatar
    I was very impressed at first today when my bold came in but starting to think I made a mistake. The lack of apps and flash may be a killer for me but I wanted to give blackberry one last chance. There is a lot of things I like about the bold but in general my droid incredible 2 is so far superior to the bold in so many ways. It hard to describe but I like the navigation of the BB but the droid is 100 times faster. I will try it for a few more days to see if it grows on me but if not this will be my last blackberry.

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    08-18-11 01:53 AM
  3. FranzJoseph's Avatar
    I'll give it one month for all the developers to port over and update their apps before I complain.

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    08-18-11 01:57 AM
  4. murnende's Avatar
    In many cases, existing apps need to be tweaked for the changes brought in by os7, and you can expect them to work shortly. As for an overall app shortage, it's never been a secret that BlackBerry's app selection is weaker than some of its competitors, and I wouldn't expect that to change anytime soon.
    08-18-11 01:57 AM
  5. Raptor007's Avatar
    Flash would be nice, but I didn't use it that much on my Android phone's so I don't miss it anyways. Apps, well the best way to get a developer to move on porting their app is to let them know you want to buy it or are looking for an update to support the 9900/9930. Like any small business they prioritize based on what is in demand, the greater the demand the quicker they will get it updated.

    I do have to ask how much different is OS 6 vs OS 7 anyways? I know the Bold 99xx touch/trackpad inputs will require some additional tweaks.
    08-18-11 02:32 PM
  6. lulla01's Avatar
    The os look isn't different but the OS itself is much more fluid.
    08-18-11 03:51 PM
  7. Raptor007's Avatar
    I had a feeling it was really that simple. So I guess other than a new screen resolution and the fact that the Bold 9900/9930 have a touch screen as well there really isn't any reason for a lack of OS 7 apps.

    I do get tired of the comments I read elsewhere that like "it's not this way with the iPhone" and for that I simply say, get a friggin iphone then. I came back from Android that clearly has a well established rooting and development community and really decided to make my SmartPhone about getting things done.

    Contacts, calendar, email, IM, social, camera too, but above all else a phone. Its not a mobile gaming device first or an MP3 player (which the ipod ripped off) its a phone.

    So with that said please developers lets bring on the apps. I need to reinvest into BB Apps and I am not going to buy four different apps to do the same thing, I want the best app to do each thing.
    08-18-11 09:29 PM