1. Misho's Avatar
    So Im running os 7.1. on Bold 9900 and I dont have data plan, but I have regular data plan. I did some setting that I found online to change settings for whatsapp on custom and create TCP but that work for only like half an hour. Then I have to pull the battery in order for Whatsapp to work again. Can someone help me?
    05-28-13 09:27 AM
  2. phone-company's Avatar
    It works on all my devices with and without BIS
    05-29-13 10:00 AM
  3. aejazhaq's Avatar
    I can CONFIRM that whatsapp DOES work without BIS...I am using it without BIS and have been for the last 2 weeks..I couldnt get it to work initially but with a little messing aroung it can. At first I had issues like it would stop working after a couple of hours unitl i did a battery pull. not nice! im using a 9700 with OS5. Heres how I got mine to work, lets hope it workd for you too:

    1) download from their site. install and configure your account.
    2) Disable compression if you have it enables. (ill leave it to you to find out where thats located in OS6)
    3) Disable encryption and firewalls (if you have any)
    4) Enable browser push (make sure you get enable all the following: Enable push, Enable MDS push, Enable WAP push AND allow WAP push applicaitons. that makes a total of 4. dont worry about the service load stuff, its correct by default (=alternates btw auto and allow all)
    5) disbale auto on/off for the mean time. ( enable it once everything is all set and running. I have it enabled and whatsapp works fine when it automatically turns on in the morning)
    6) pull battery while its on. and restart.

    Make sure you give it ALL permissions initially. Change permissions once you get it to work properly. I have changed mine but youll have to see which ones you can turn off safely.

    This goes without saying but make sure you have the proper APN settings typed in and otherwise you can browse using your data package. NOT WIFI (obviously it wil work with wifi)

    Im sure Fb can work without BIS but you need the service books like you need if you want to use the native browser without BIS. Maybe some developer can write the service book. I dont know how to
    08-19-13 06:25 AM

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