1. chris.bergantinos's Avatar
    Okay so I have a Blackberry Torch and it has the unlimited Blackberry Social + BBM plan with Virgin Mobile (Canada). I'm unable browse nor use App World without wifi.

    So I turned on my wifi and downloaded Whatsapp Messenger. I was told that it only works if I have unlimited internet data which I clearly don't have.

    It seemed to work fine with wifi so then when I turned off the wifi and see if it would still work. Surprisingly it still manage to send and receive messages. So I guess the BB social does include Whatsapp? I was told it doesn't ... now I'm confused.

    So now my question is, if I turn off my wifi and continue using Whatsapp Messenger, will I get charged?
    07-28-12 07:23 PM
  2. BBFTW88's Avatar
    No. It uses data, so therefore use your data plan.
    07-29-12 12:15 AM