1. giggu's Avatar
    I am facing two problems with the Whatsapp Messenger.
    1. Whenever I delete Whatsapp messenger from my phone, all my contacts get deleted.
    2. At times, I have a contact saved in my phone, but Whatsapp doesn't recognize the saved contact and shows me the number of that contact in the messenger and also asks me either to block the contact or to add it. But the contact is already added to my phone contacts. :s

    I am running the latest Whatsapp Messenger(2.8.1914) and am using Blackberry 9900 running on OS I was facing the same issue on my previously installed OS

    Please help.

    08-14-12 12:58 PM
  2. blue red's Avatar
    Same problem here too, I have a BB 9900 Bold up to date, and the problem I think comes from whatsapp because the way the person's number appears is discontinued like +XX XX XXX XXXX and doesn't see eye to eye with the way the BB does. So, I think is more of a whatsapp problem to solve than a RIM problem.
    11-21-12 07:55 AM
  3. COPiSEN's Avatar
    I have the same problem with contacts not beeing recognized properly.
    I found a workaround not elegant but it works for me: i added the number given in whatsapp to the bb contact even though it was already saved, so i had the same number twice for the same contact, one in normal, one in the whatsapp format (discontinued).

    Whatsapp then properly recognized this contact. I left the second number in the bb contact for a few days, then deleted it, but whatsapp still shows the correct contact.
    Feels like it kinda "learned".

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    11-21-12 02:49 PM
  4. prashob619's Avatar
    The only solution i found out is you gotta reinstall whatsapp each time you get a new unknown number which is already saved as a contact
    11-25-12 08:17 AM