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    I have a 9900 with 16Gb microSD card. I'm having troubles with WhatsApp (2.9.1007) recognizing it and saving my history.

    I typically keep WhatsApp closed unless I'm in an active conversation. That seems to save me 1% or so an hour of battery discharge. When someone messages me on the app, I still get notified.

    Now that my wife has a smartphone and I'm using WhatsApp more frequently that I used to, I'm noticing that it is not consistent on saving or loading my message history. I have it set to save history and files on my media card. Yesterday, when I opened the app, it lost several days of chat history with my wife but retained some earlier stuff. This morning, when I opened it to message her, I got an error about message history disable because a card was not found yet yesterday's history was still there. In the settings, it is set to save message history on the card but with this error: "Error: sqlite error (schemaUpdate): net.rim.device.api.database.DatabaseException: : SQL logic error or missing database"

    Suggestions anyone? Thanks.
    02-01-13 12:05 PM

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