1. MrRJ's Avatar
    Anyone else having battery issues with the latest whatsapp build (2.8.198)?

    Battery monitor was reporting average drain rates of 2.5% or so before the update on my 9900. Now it's upto 5%. Whatsapp is also listed as the "module with the highest CPU time", whereas before it was never even listed.

    Look forward to hearing any replies. This is making my 9900 a bit of a dog and I rely on this app quite a bit..
    07-20-12 06:43 PM
  2. blechnocturne's Avatar
    1. Go to beta.whatsapp.com/ota/ in your phone and download the latest whatsapp app from there. The app gets 2 or more updates a week.

    2. Make sure its not an OS issue, Im running and whatsapp works like a charm
    07-21-12 01:46 PM
  3. tanaseat's Avatar
    thank you
    09-10-12 10:47 PM