1. AYMiller's Avatar
    We should have a thread where we can go and ask questions about apps or the name of apps that we are looking for but can't remember the name. (Asbestos suit on just incase this is a bad idea.) I will go first.

    What is the name of the app that you can block calls, you can look up numbers from your contact list and block them and you can block unknown or restricted calls? It might send them automaticlly to your voicemail. It isn't "Full Screen Caller PictureID and callerID blocking" (I think that is for the Storm anyway)

    07-16-09 09:33 PM
  2. meyer1131's Avatar
    this is a good thread idea although a moderator may move it into the Blackberry Apps Forum.

    to answer your question, i coulda sworn i saw it in the crackberry store today but dont recall with its name was
    07-16-09 09:37 PM
  3. AYMiller's Avatar
    Found it.
    07-16-09 11:18 PM
  4. Jermoe's Avatar
    Any Canadian radio apps?

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    07-16-09 11:24 PM
  5. divacheri's Avatar
    Found it.
    so are you gonna share the name of 'it'
    07-16-09 11:33 PM
  6. babyface35762's Avatar
    Found it.
    Yeah, what is it?
    07-16-09 11:37 PM