02-10-15 01:06 PM
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  1. ochmanp's Avatar
    Hi all,

    After 4 generations of Pocket PCs I have finalled jumped into the BB community with a purchase of a BB8320.

    As with Pocket PCs, I am sure there are numerous BB applications which greatly improve the functionality, usability and capability of the BB. For example, applications for PIM, MS Office editing, travel, clocks/alarms, games, etc.

    Can you please suggest what are the "must to have" applications that everyone should install on their BB?

    Also, what are the better web sites which I can download these applications?

    01-12-08 07:46 AM
  2. daddybear's Avatar
    welcome to the forums...

    opera mini is a great browser that exceeds the built in bb app

    01-12-08 07:49 AM
  3. yogi's Avatar
    Google maps: www.google.comm/gmm or get upgrade maps at: Google Maps

    Blackberry maps: BlackBerry - BlackBerry Maps.
    01-12-08 08:33 AM
  4. orle8050's Avatar
    For me, Multi-Alarm: Mobylo! MultiAlarm for BlackBerry - Mobylo!

    Blackberry ones built in one alarm. This give me more flexibility
    01-12-08 08:35 AM
  5. ochmanp's Avatar
    Thanks guys for the quick and useful reply.

    Any suggestions on improved PIM (MS Outlook - calendar, tasks, contacts, notes)?

    01-13-08 12:55 AM
  6. sher_zx6r's Avatar
    An email reader such as Empower Pro or BBSmart's Email Viewer.
    01-15-08 11:42 AM
  7. cindylov4's Avatar
    Opera mini and google maps!
    01-15-08 12:27 PM
  8. danigoldman's Avatar
    Opera Mini!

    (Disclaimer: I work for Opera)
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    01-15-08 02:34 PM
  9. javatyger's Avatar
    My suggestions:

    - Opera mini
    - Viigo or some RSS reader
    The CrackBerry quick link. ;-)
    - As many games as you can get!
    - Gmail app - full gmail functionality
    - Yahoo! Go for yahoo users and non users for cool features
    - all google services! You can download them all at Mobile. Then you can access all your documents, picasa photos, google search, maps, etc.
    - jivetalk - all-in-one IM service

    Those are my main ones!

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    01-15-08 06:27 PM
  10. mayhem.one's Avatar
    02-04-08 12:01 AM
  11. pashan's Avatar
    I highly recomend Empower Pro (I used both Empower and BBSmart and I feel there is NO comparison whatsoever).

    I don't "get" the love for Opera Mini... what does it do that I can't do with my BB Browser? I tried it for a while on my old BB and just didn't see much of a benefit. Can someone tell me what I'm missing? If it's really as amazing as everyone says I'll use some precious memory on my Pearl and hop on the bandwagon!!
    02-04-08 11:27 AM
  12. JJFrigle's Avatar
    These are some great lists. I don't get the Opera love either. Granted I haven't used it for BB, but I did use it on my old Treo, and I wasn't a fan. But that's just my personal preference.

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    02-04-08 12:00 PM
  13. Kebero's Avatar
    My list:

    Opera Mini
    Empower Pro
    Windows Live Search
    GMail (if you use it, obviously)
    02-04-08 01:09 PM
  14. DankBerry's Avatar
    is there anywhere i can get the empower apps for free?
    02-04-08 10:30 PM
  15. wirelessforever's Avatar
    My list:

    Heya Shemmy! Where do you recommend going to get this app?

    Thanks in advance.
    02-05-08 03:23 AM
  16. JCINISTA's Avatar
    great post!
    02-05-08 03:40 AM
  17. tomdick's Avatar
    opera mini it great app

    1) get a lot more web sites banks ebay my space ect

    2)seams to runs faster than the bb bowser

    3)saves 90% of the thumb work the bb brosder puts evey thing in a strait line unless you have it on the horad desktope veiw
    02-05-08 10:06 AM
  18. Kebero's Avatar
    Heya Shemmy! Where do you recommend going to get this app?

    Thanks in advance.
    02-05-08 02:12 PM
  19. dacur's Avatar
    point your berry to mobile.blackberry.com and get blackjack - it's free. i'll also put in a vote for google maps, but i don't use opera. twitterberry's available if you use twitter. also free.
    02-05-08 03:29 PM
  20. FMS0219's Avatar
    Yeah I don't like opera too much cause its not easy to multitask and switch to other applications with it.
    03-21-08 12:27 PM
  21. Kara81's Avatar
    Opera Mini is definitely a plus!!! Absolutely LOVE IT!!!
    03-21-08 12:44 PM
  22. Saukrateaz's Avatar
    is there anywhere i can get the empower apps for free?
    you can use the trials but they are pin specific. once its over, its over unless you buy.
    03-21-08 12:46 PM
  23. raemax08's Avatar
    Welcome to CB!
    These are my favs:
    Opera Mini
    NY Times
    BB Smary View
    Pocket Express
    Live Search
    just to name a few...
    03-21-08 12:48 PM
  24. gr8 choice's Avatar
    Opera Mini but i can not use it any more into suncom change over to TMO that sucks
    04-03-08 07:16 PM
  25. jeffh's Avatar
    Pocket Express.
    Lygea Pocket 10C SE RPN Calculator.

    You didn't ask, but what I miss the most that I had on Windows Mobile and that's not yet available for Blackberry: Web IS's Pocket Informant. It's a PIM replacement. They're supposedly working on a Blackberry version.
    04-03-08 07:50 PM
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