11-30-11 05:46 PM
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    I've tried several messengers since my bf has a iPhone. We usually go back to WhatsApp, but it's painfully slow sometimes. It's like messages get stuck, and then suddenly everything is back to normal.

    WhatsApp has a excellent notification system, which several other apps lacks. Kik and PingChat really disappointed me on that part.
    11-30-11 03:37 PM
  2. c4rt00nb0y's Avatar
    Whatsapp is terrible imho. Interface is ugly, and they do NOT show read receipts which is bothersome. But somehow a lot of iPhone users like it... It probably looks better on the iOS than on BBOS

    Ive tried PingChat (I stopped using this one for some reason, I dont remember why exactly, maybe because it showed your phone number? Im not exactly sure! But I remember it was crappy)
    Kik was AMAZING pre-RIM Lawsuit, now they cannot connect their msging to their LED so I see it as pretty pointless.
    LiveProfile is good except I could NOT send pictures from my Blackberry which is very bothersome and if you restart your phone or your phone runs out of battery, upon turning it back on you HAVE to start it up again or else you will not receive msgs.

    eBuddy XMS is the ONLY msger Ive seen on BB that has the majority of the iPhones' emoticons. I wish more msgers would adopt it... How hard would that be for them to do that?... :/ I really like eBuddy, but it has buggs sometimes. I switched over to a diff msger because this one has some very strange sending times. It can send super fast one moment then it can be super slow at another moment. A lot of times msgs dont send for some reason.... No group msging as of yet either for BB. Also, viewing pictures on here sucks as you cant save zoom, but are given the option to save!
    eBuddy XMS - Do more than SMS

    Currently I use Hookt, I really like it! It has different & original emoticons that are not from android, bb7, nor iOS. The one thing that annoys me on here is that you cant send pictures from your BB SD Card. You can only select photos that are on your phone's actual memory, so if you have an SD card, you must switch it over to your BBM Internal Memory to send it.
    Hookt | messaging made simple

    --oh someone beat me to mentioning Hookt msger! lol I thought I was the only onee!!!
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    most of my mates use Whatsapp, it definitely does the trick.
    11-30-11 04:12 PM
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    Currently I use Hookt, I really like it!
    I tried that one, but it doesn't seem to show notifications on the home screen? Whatsapp shows along with new e-mails or texts and is easily accessible, but Hookt just shows an icon and then you have to open the Message-folder or the app itself to show the message. Annoying!!
    11-30-11 05:46 PM
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