04-18-10 07:57 PM
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  1. phone9's Avatar
    Only thing I like better about App World is that when you update an app, users can still download the previous version they had if they don't like or want the update. On CB due to the MobiHand system, once we post an update the old files are gone and can't be re-downloaded. This is a problem for paid updates, since users either have to pay for the update, or contact support, if they want to re-install what they already had.

    Also, App World's new direct carrier billing will be nice, and I hope that CB can somehow get that too.

    CB will likely have more apps and updates than AW now that AW is charging developers $20-25 per app or update submitted. I'll only put on AW what's already been proven on CB, so there will be a lot more over here. If you want to live on the cutting edge, buy from CB.
    04-18-10 04:23 PM
  2. sexyboy31's Avatar
    Post away.
    Cb appstore is way better app world sucks plus I don't have paypal I can use my credit card on cb

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    04-18-10 04:24 PM
  3. samson47's Avatar
    I've used both, Prefer CB. Appworld is a memory hog & too slow to load & navigate. CB wins on convenience & practicality, it's a working tool. Appworld is better to look at. Kind of a glossy picture of the tool. Wasted time, wasted effort. Freebies are better on CB as well.

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    04-18-10 04:45 PM
  4. mededitor's Avatar
    I only use CB app store---and not because I'm afraid to say anything else.

    App World is too slow to get app updates, some of which have important fixes. The carrier-billing issue doesn't matter to me---in the end, I have to pay for the app (either carrier billing or credit card).

    If not for App World's slow app updates, I'd probably use both sources---although I do like keep my apps from one source, it's easier to keep track of things.
    04-18-10 05:20 PM
  5. julioangelortiz's Avatar
    CrackBerry store for sure. Better customer service, pricing, and ease of switching devices. App World looks nice but is extremely annoying to deal with.
    04-18-10 07:52 PM
  6. Cyber Warrior's Avatar
    I use App World. I really don't buy apps all the time so I pretty much have what I need for now. Never really had the chance to browse through CBs app store. I'm sure its better though, one day I'll make the switch.

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    04-18-10 07:57 PM
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