1. saltysteve's Avatar
    I have stuff everywhere and I looking to keep it all neat. Areby all downloads apps? So do you guys keep everthing in the apps folder and the download folder is just a holding area or do you do something different? I'm just trying to make it simple and easy to find stuff.

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    03-17-09 10:28 AM
  2. Mr Bear's Avatar
    I store nothing in my Downloads folder. Once it's downloaded, it goes into either the Apps folder, or one I created called "Utilities." Right now, Utilities holds everything I don't use at least once a week.
    03-17-09 10:50 AM
  3. Squeegee's Avatar
    Apps folder is for what came with the phone. Downloads for third party. Most used are on my homepage/desktop. Check out the Gant 3 Today SB theme. Puts more at your fingertips, runs well, and is better looking than the stock theme IMO.

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    03-17-09 01:15 PM
  4. mclarryjr's Avatar
    Home screen has anything I use daily... My theme is the androidx so I have 15 items on the home screen.

    App folder is for anything that came with the phone except games... I then hide any app's I use less then once a monthtp keep it organized.

    Downloads has all my 3rd party apps & games

    This way I only have 2 folders and can limit my apps to 15 on the home screen and save memory.
    03-17-09 01:41 PM
  5. substring's Avatar
    If they are games, I move them to the Games folder. Otherwise, I keep all downloaded apps in the Download folder for easy access.

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    03-17-09 02:09 PM
  6. Jamieinnh's Avatar
    I really wish RIM would allow for creating a folder within a folder, but unless I am missing something you can't do that.

    I currently have three folders, Apps which is anything that came with the phone, Downloads which is anything I curently play with, and Misc which are items I use, but not everyday.

    03-17-09 02:14 PM
  7. dnelson17's Avatar
    I'm with Mr Bear about the Downloads folder.

    I have also created the following...

    BBerry Apps folder with the following launchers in it (CB, CB Store, BBerry Cool, PinStack, BBForums, PimpMyBerry)

    Sports & News folder with the following launchers in it (Redsox, Yankees, Dodgers, ESPN, SI, Boston.com mobile, ABC News, CNN Mobile) and the BB GPS Golf app

    I have a Primary Applications folder and a Seldom Used folder.

    I little anal, yah, I'd say so!

    03-17-09 02:41 PM
  8. Swift20's Avatar
    i dont use it I dont download it, i have nothing in my games, or download folders, and i dont have alot of the apps that came with it....only facebook, myspace, aim, google talk,. and bbm
    03-17-09 02:45 PM
  9. levad's Avatar
    Six folders and five icons,

    Folders: Applications, Utilities, Setup, Mail N MSG, Games, Download
    Icons: Messages, Browser, Calender, Quick Launch, Power Off

    I only have one row Icons (the first four) showing on my home screen. I recommend purchasing quick Launch it makes it nice to navigate to everything. In the Quick Launch icon I have Google, a Custom Wapspot site (Wapspots.com), Slacker Radio,ViiGo, Where, Poynt, BB Maps, Google Maps, Tasks, Calculator, Contacts, Camera, File Scout, BB Options, Device Info, and Memory Cleaner.

    The Download folder is only a temp holding area until I move the application to one of the other five folders.
    03-17-09 03:08 PM
  10. Jamieinnh's Avatar
    Icons: Messages, Browser, Calender, Quick Launch, Power Off
    I have to ask, why do you need the power off button on your home screen when pressing and holding the power button does the same thing?

    Also, why not put the quicklaunch on a hot key.

    This way, you could use those two icons for other things..

    I also don't have the browser icon showing, as most of my websites are in my Quicklaunch, but even if I need the browser for a website that isn't in there, I just hold the BB button down and pick the browser from there.

    I don't know, I am all about maximizing the icons on the home page..

    03-17-09 03:31 PM