1. poty14's Avatar
    I would like to know: what are the best apps that can be used by doctors and nurses. What they do and how much they cost!
    Thanks for the tips!
    11-19-08 02:52 PM
  2. Wbrian's Avatar
    also be interested in seeing this answer. I'm an ER nurse, and like the idea of using this to increase safety.

    11-19-08 04:43 PM
  3. neal121's Avatar
    I personally do not know but my mom is a ER doctor and she uses the application called Epocrates : PDA Medical Software. Medical & drug software for Palm & Windows PDAs

    or exact BB info: Thanks for visiting the Epocrates booth

    She has it on her Curve.
    11-19-08 07:00 PM
  4. vimuktitech's Avatar

    Here are some of the medical calculators & medical applications.
    Check them out.

    1) ER-ICU Calculator: ER-ICU Calculator - Medical BlackBerry Apps

    2) Anesthesiology Calculator: Anesthesiology Calculator - Medical BlackBerry Apps

    3) Pediatrics Calculator: Pediatrics Calculator - Medical BlackBerry Apps

    4) Neurology Calculator: Neurology Calculator - Medical BlackBerry Apps

    5) Cardiology Calculator: Cardiology Calculator - Medical BlackBerry Apps

    6) Nursing Calculator: Nursing Calculator - Medical BlackBerry Apps

    7) ICD-9 Codes:
    Gives you the latest ICD9-CM (2010) diagnosis codes on you blackberry.
    Download link: ICD-9 Codes - Medical BlackBerry Apps

    8) Medical Abbreviations:
    Simple, fast and convenient access to more than 18000 medical abbreviations.
    Download Link: Medical Abbreviations - Medical BlackBerry Apps

    9) Nursing Pharmacology
    Contains over 140 flash cards of Nursing Pharmacology.
    Download Link: Nursing Pharmacology - Medical BlackBerry Apps

    10) Surgical Safety Checklist
    Shows that using a simple 19-step safety checklist (the Surgical Safety Checklist) in the operating room can significantly reduce post-operative complications.
    Download Link: Surgical Safety Checklist - Medical BlackBerry Apps

    11) RSI Procedure
    Download link: RSI Procedure - Medical BlackBerry Apps

    12) Sedation
    Sedation - Medical BlackBerry Apps

    13) Glasgow Coma Scale
    Glasgow Coma Scale - Medical BlackBerry Apps

    14) Eye Test
    Eye Test - Medical BlackBerry Apps
    03-08-10 07:09 AM
  5. bow40's Avatar
    Still looking for a good emt app. Nothing real complex, just something to refresh the rookies memories on the way to a call

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    03-08-10 09:23 AM
  6. evil.bunny's Avatar
    Anyone got suggestions for a good drug guide? And a medical dictionary?

    I've been searching the site and some have mentioned Epocrates but it's a memory hogger.
    11-04-10 06:54 PM