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    I bought UNO from BB Appworld on my Bold and it charged me, immediately said "error" and went into uninstall status.

    What are you supposed to do to fix this? I keep running into generic help on support sites. I did email the BlackBerry App World billing and licensing support contact form, but is that going to fix this?
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    09-30-12 09:01 PM
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    Did you try to do the alt + R S T while in my world on app world. That should reset it and then look in uninstalled. You should be able to redownload the app then. This happened to my husband with a theme and it worked.
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    I tried that multiple times and I guess it had to make me a fool and post here before it would actually work. I love how technology works. Thank you, I guess it just likes you more than me. After reading your post I signed and tried one more time and it reset.
    09-30-12 09:32 PM
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    Yes it is crazy how technology can work, lol. Glad you got it working!
    10-01-12 02:01 AM