1. chromedome's Avatar
    So yesterday I tried to install the NFL app for sprint to my verizon tour and got this error:

    I figured I'd try a reboot and that yielded me a Reset Software: 552 error.

    I went into app loaded and deleted the app and voila back to normal.

    Today I wanted to check my balance so I went into MyVerizon and it said there was an update ready. Sweet! Update the app, my tour tells me everything was successfully installed. So I go to run the app and I get this:


    I've checked my memory and I have roughly 80mb remaining.

    Does anybody know what these errors mean and why I am getting them? I have never had this problem before. Thanks in advance
    10-16-09 10:48 AM
  2. SoCaliTrojan's Avatar
    You may either have some sort of app incompatibility issue (one of the already installed apps is incompatible with the new ones), or you might have an OS issue.

    For the verification error, I was getting it on every app I downloaded. After I reinstalled the OS, the apps download and install fine.

    When I get out of memory errors, I immediately uninstall the app that I just downloaded. The memory errors usually indicate that you'll get a 552 error upon reboot. I used to get the out of memory errors when I had certain apps installed, like viigo.
    10-16-09 11:03 AM
  3. chromedome's Avatar
    It just started happening after I installed the nfl live app. I've had viigo for as long as I've had the phone and have installed other apps no problem. I'm gonna play around with it more later. Thanks for the input

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    10-16-09 12:26 PM