02-21-13 09:10 AM
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  1. tracy0501's Avatar
    does anyone know how i can get a program similar to weight watchers on my blackberry?? i have one on my palm pilot but its not compatible to my phone.
    08-13-08 02:26 PM
  2. bmcclure937's Avatar
    I found one for my girlfriend : http://forums.crackberry.com/f2/weig...ware-bb-50330/

    But someone pointed out that the point calculation is flawed
    08-13-08 02:29 PM
  3. 49ways's Avatar
    08-13-08 02:30 PM
  4. tracy0501's Avatar
    Thanks for the replys but I didn't find anything that works.
    08-13-08 05:30 PM
  5. bmcclure937's Avatar
    I know for a fact that the one I posted works... I am just not sure how well it works
    08-13-08 05:32 PM
  6. mydoxiemickey's Avatar
    I have the WW on the Go on my PDA and got an email last month that they I can use it until the end of the year as long as I sync. Rumor has it that they are working on a program. I hope so because I am going to miss that program. Hopefully, they will work all the bugs out before they release it.
    08-13-08 07:29 PM
  7. tracy0501's Avatar
    Ok I see there is a points calculator but I'm really looking for a journal type thing that I can track my food with points daily. I have been searching but no luck for bb compatible.
    08-14-08 06:07 PM
  8. dlgus's Avatar
    Ok I see there is a points calculator but I'm really looking for a journal type thing that I can track my food with points daily. I have been searching but no luck for bb compatible.
    Ok, I found this website that I've bookmarked on my bb Weight Watchers Points Calculator that will let you calculate the points....as for the actual journaling, I figure I can open up a daily/weekly memo to do the "journaling"
    08-16-08 08:48 PM
  9. tracy0501's Avatar
    ok thanks.
    08-19-08 02:31 PM
  10. eripmu's Avatar
    This is so cool to find out about this. I don't have a BB yet but I'm getting one is Sept (renewal time) and wife doesn't think it's necessary to get one. I talk to her pretty much every day about crackberry (im addicted and dont even own one YET). Told her that it just come in pink (8330). Informed her that it would be cool if we had BB's together. That's cute huh? lol. She just started weight watchers about a month ago. This will probably seal the deal for me. Wish me luck.
    08-19-08 02:57 PM
  11. Eneg's Avatar
    Just joined WW and looking for data base of food's points, and something for daily tracking. What's out there? Thanks.
    11-17-09 04:00 PM
  12. djackson02's Avatar
    any new WW apps available at this time?
    01-05-10 09:44 PM
  13. araponga's Avatar
    bump ........any new on a good ww calculater ?
    01-30-10 12:21 PM
  14. Nalinith's Avatar
    It would be nice if Weight Watchers created a device specific app as well instead of their mobile web version. I know my mother and sister would both use it on their blackberrys
    01-30-10 01:06 PM
  15. aming63's Avatar
    I contacted their customer service to let them know this also! I don't like using their website either on my BB. I'm pretty sure the I phone has their own app for this I told them it would be nice if BB had one too
    01-30-10 01:51 PM
  16. Nalinith's Avatar
    You could probably get something going if you got a bunch of BB users to call/email in letting them know the people have spoken and they want a WW application.
    01-30-10 02:25 PM
  17. kaediil's Avatar
    What would this WW app have to do? If someone could give me an idea, I might be able to whip something up.

    01-30-10 05:51 PM
  18. kaediil's Avatar
    Oh, wait, strike that, the Weight Watchers formula is under copyright, I am pretty sure if I built an app against that they would sue me

    01-30-10 05:55 PM
  19. rxeddy's Avatar

    A weight watcher calculator and journal is available for the Palm on Handango and isn't a WW product.

    Think you could make it now? :-)

    Just an idea! ANYTHING would help!
    Thanks, Rhonda
    01-31-10 10:10 PM
  20. yakova112's Avatar
    Intreasting thread. I will try them out.
    02-02-10 06:34 PM
  21. yakova112's Avatar
    Those links are really helpful! Thanks guys!
    02-02-10 06:59 PM
  22. avatar11's Avatar
    I definitely need these helps
    02-02-10 07:32 PM
  23. bensonlee112's Avatar
    There are some mobile sites provide similar feature, Just google to find.
    02-02-10 09:13 PM
  24. kaediil's Avatar
    Ok, this is crude, but I whipped something up. I do not really plan to support it, I just present it as is. Now, if you like my work and want to donate you can do so at my web site:

    Any new functionality will be on a pay for new features basis - contact me and I will price them out based on difficulty. Do not donate and ask for new features please. Donations are for the existing effort in the app.

    Tha app should run on any device running OS 4.2.1 or greater except for the Pearl. The screen is just too small it seems on that device.

    Some features:
    Calculates points of foods
    Saves the foods by date
    Provides capability to email the data

    Now, the file should be cleared periodically or else it can get large, slow the app down and generally use a lot of memory.

    The emailed data can be cut and pasted into a text file withe a .csv extension and opened by Excel as well.

    The OTA link (and note the capitalization, the server is a Linux machine so capitals make a difference):


    Last edited by kaediil; 02-03-10 at 12:34 PM.
    02-03-10 12:32 PM
  25. kaediil's Avatar
    Ok, so I said I would not support it, but there was an egregious bug that I fixed so if you somehow got the version 0.1, please update to v0.2 that is up there now.

    02-03-10 01:20 PM
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