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    WeChat, our mission is to provide a seamless communication to our users and now..our cross platform servide has been extended to blackberry!
    Push to talk , one of WeChat's core feature is included in this 1.0 version
    Additional features which are available in 1.0 version are -

    Instant messaging : Send & Receive messages in real time to all OS iPhone,Android,Symbian & Windows Phone.

    WeChat 1.0 version now on Blackberry!-instant-msg.jpg

    Voice messaging : One touch voice message delivery for easy and effortless communication with friends,always!

    WeChat 1.0 version now on Blackberry!-voice-chat.jpg

    Group chat – Make more friends,chat more! In this feature Chat with upto 40 friends at one go!

    WeChat 1.0 version now on Blackberry!-group-chat.jpg

    Photo Sharing : Snap & take photos. Share with your friends instantly select them from your album to share.
    WeChat 1.0 version now on Blackberry!-photo-sharing.jpg

    WeChat will surely provide additional features in future releases that are in line with our vision to make WeChat “the new way to connect”

    Short Q&A

    1.) Why develop for Blackberry?

    - Blackberry is a strong name and a lot of high end business users using it right now. As such, WeChat is dedicated towards providing a dominant cross platform presence by making sure we are available on the platforms that the users demand.

    2.) Is Blackberry development targeted towards international expansion?

    - Blackberry still has positive growth in South East Asia and South Africa. WeChat would like to ensure that users in those territories are able to communicate with their friends who are also using Blackberry.

    3.) Is the Blackberry WeChat version a weaker version of the general Wechat?

    - WeChat would like to create a full featured application on all the platforms but as a main priority, the application has to run smoothly and provide the best user experience. Over time we will add new features into the Blackberry version when they are ready.

    4.) What other platforms will WeChat develop for in the future?

    -WeChat goal is to develop a robust communications platform. We will develop on platforms that allow our users to communicate with their friends. Currently we have no future plans to develop on new platforms but we are paying close attention to the feedback of our users.
    01-19-13 08:33 AM
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    There's already an update in appworld. This time with bbm integration. Though not as good as iphone and android counterparts, the app performs seamlessly and smooth on BB.
    Good app and tonnes of functions on the other platforms.. Hopefully this app is available for BB10. Can't wait to do a video chat with my family from wechat's video call over 3G.
    01-19-13 09:48 AM
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    I want to download it how....?
    Plzzz guys tell me

    Posted via CB10
    03-14-13 06:39 PM
  4. crozar's Avatar
    so no walki talki live yet , cant we get the android version an run it on the q10 ?
    06-13-13 12:24 PM
  5. sobri matsaad's Avatar
    Posted via CB10
    06-17-13 09:41 AM

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